Q: What do you do?

A: I became a general contractor in 1990 and since then I have absorbed many teachings on building design over the years that I have learned much about Passive Design, Bau-biology, LEED, Built Green (Santa Barbara), Energy Star, Green Built, Efficiency First, Building Performance Institute, Natural Building Network, and renewable energy systems including Passive and Active solar thermal water heating systems, rooftop and invisible solar pool heating, grid tied & off grid solar photovoltaic systems, solar water pumps, solar radiant heating.

I have learned the pros and cons of each different system and found that performance testing is the only proven way to know we are reaching the goals that we intend with the best of designs. I find it alarming that 97% of the new homes we are testing are failing to meet the specifications from the design.

Culminating from all of these various building design systems I have developed the most affordable path to renewable energy by embracing efficiency first and sizing up solar systems last after we have reduced all of the energy through performance design and equipment choices, and doing all of this with a perspective to providing a healthy and comfortable environment.

Q: What distinguishes your business from that of your competitors (pricing, customer service, experience in your industry, reliability, etc.)?

A: The standard for the solar industry is commissioned sales people who make a living by selling as many panels as possible. Efficiency first on the other hand communicates into fewer panels per sale which makes it that much harder to make a living on commissioned sales. Secondly, “Efficiency First” also means waiting for all of this energy efficiency testing and retrofitting to be done first, before sizing up the solar system…which no commissioned sales person really wants to do. They generally have a compelling need to get a signature on a signed contract to secure their sale before the customer decides on another company.

Conclusion: “Efficiency first is death to a solar salesman”

Q: Who is your typical customer and what prompts them to want to work with you?

A: Anyone wanting to reduce their utility usage and looking for the most cost effective approach to accomplishing this goal.

Q: Why should a customer buy your product or use your services?

A: To become an educated and informed buyer .

Q: Do you have information you would like to share about your staff and company founders (i.e. years in the industry, prior experience, certifications, etc.)?

A: Please read Wayne’s bio.