Mission Statement


PENDREY CONSULTANTS ARE A WORLD – WIDE RECOGNIZED TEAM OF dedicated designers, engineers, and Bau-Biologists striving to bring aesthetically beautiful, healthy green solutions to our client’s projects.


We work to solve complex problems in the built environment, using sustainable building practices, and providing renewable energy to improve living conditions while developing a sustainable structure. Our goal is to produce zero carbon emission energy solutions in projects of high green value, including the re-use of materials to reduce landfill.


We work with developers, city planners, architects, builders, and individual home owners striving for energy efficiency and balancing their energy needs.


Pendrey Consultants work to achieve environmentally conscious development throughout our government, business, and client related projects.  Our international team tackles environmental issues on various continents, providing many out-of-the-box solutions.


We solve complex problems for our clients given their criteria. We perform analysis on the final design of the building, to assure its energy efficiency and improve building performance. Pendrey Consultants guarantee accurate and complete documentation, calculation, and thorough final presentations of design and materials.

Through public presentations, seminars, and classes we educate our clients and communities about the need for net-zero energy efficiency, healthy environments and the progress made in competitive high-performance building and renewable energy.   Our team is constantly researching new technologies, extensively testing them, and thus pulling together an exceptional whole house set of technologies selected for their seamless integration.